a beautiful oceanside paradise....
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We are currently booked for the 2012 calendar year,
please check back at a later time for any updates on our status.

Welcome to Morning Glory Seaside Inn...where Maine's famed rugged coastline is epitomized along Jonesport's shores. The scenic off-shore islands beckon the adventurous...bring your kayak or canoe. Stroll along Sandy River Beach, just east of the rocky shore at Morning Glory. Enjoy the sunrise from our deck as you sip your morning coffee. Perch on the Beal's Island bridge to witness spectacular sunsets. Or just sit and enjoy the stillness and quietude... Morning Glory Seaside Inn is an oasis to escape to. The peace, the quiet and the tranquility makes Morning Glory the perfect place to unwind and relax.
M om and Pop
About your hosts...
Michael Corbett, USCG-Retired and his wife, Susan Colagiovanni Corbett, are the proprietors of Morning Glory Seaside Inn. Michael has lived in Jonesport since his retirement from the Coast Guard 20 years ago. A native of Norwell, MA, he has spent much of his retirement traveling around the world. Feel free to ask him about his humerous adventures, the stories are sure to entertain you!
His wife, Susan Corbett, also from Massachusetts, discovered Jonesport in 1995 and became a resident of Maine in 1998. After many years in the health care profession, she earned the rank of Reiki Master in 1999. She has a practice in this "Hands on Healing" profession at a local non-profit clinic. She is also the owner and operator of Morning Glory Enterprises, Inc., a Medical Billing and Consulting Practice supporting medical practices throughout New England.
Michael and Susan have spent the last several years traveling to remote and fascinating places around the world and present an international culture to their guests. They invite you to experience the magic of Morning Glory and warmly welcome you to their Inn.

541 Mason Bay Road
Jonesport, ME 04649